These rich white people are very concerned that skiing is racist because there aren’t more black skiers
· · Mar 15, 2021 ·

Not wanting to be left out of the Woke Olypmics, winter sports athletes are now complaining that their favorite ski resorts are too white:

Notice the assumptions here:

  1. Having too few of any racial group in any sport or activity can never happen naturally and is inherently wrong.
  2. This disparate racial participation is due to sYsTeMiC iNjUsTiCe.

The proposed solution, no doubt, will be very expensive, sweeping reforms in the name of "equity" that won't do a thing... except make a lot of bureaucrats and administrators rich.

Has anyone actually talked to minority ethnic groups to see why they aren't more interested in or able to hit the slopes?

Probably not, because actually talking to people of color isn‘t the point: virtue signaling is.

Good ol' rich folks with white savior complex thinking it's their job to save society by forcing people of color to barrel down a mountain at 40 miles an hour.


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