Watch Jordan Peterson discuss the glorious death of the propaganda machine known as "mainstream media" and the rise of alternatives
· Apr 16, 2021 ·

Watch all of this in its entirety. You won't regret it.

A few highlights if you don't have 10 minutes:

  • "The legacy media types are – they're done – they're so done. And it's happened so fast. I notice among young people that the legacy media... all of whom had a monopoly on this kind of information flow, are so dead to people under 30 that it's as if their death isn't even noticed."
  • "I've only been able to have conversations like that [with world-leading authorities in their fields] in graduate seminars... in the most elite universities now and then... and now I can have that conversation with people and 150,000 to a million people can have access to it instantly. I think, God only knows what's going to be the consequence of that."
  • [Through new mediums] you can have two people having a genuine discussion about a complex issue. And so they're engaging in dialectical thinking and if they're good at it, they're modeling it. So they can model high-quality dialectical thinking and pull people along on an exploratory journey, and make it permanent. That's completely revolutionary. That's never been possible before."
  • "[You] can't hide behind anything [in long-form media] I don't think. There's no place to hide. In 2 hours, you've revealed your hand and everyone can see it. You reveal the weaknesses and strengths of your argument. You reveal the weaknesses and strengths of your character."

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