Watch the body language in this heated exchange yesterday between Canada's Justin Trudeau and Chinese Emperor Xi ๐Ÿ‘€
ยท Nov 16, 2022 ยท

Pay close attention to the mannerisms here. Watch Xi, then watch Justin Trudeau:

Comrade Xi berates commie-wannabe Justin for their conversation the previous day being shared with the media.

Xi is shorter than Justin, but notice how Justin leans in. Xi is expressive and emotional, while Justin is tense and unmoving.

Here's the transcript:

Xi: "Everything we discussed has been leaked to the papers and that's not appropriate. That's not the way conversation was conducted, if there is sincerity on your part."

Justin Trudeau: "Well, I do believe in free and open and frank dialogue we will continue to have. And we will continue to work constructively together. But there will be things we will disagree on and we will have to."

Xi: "Let's create the conditions first."

It's worth noting that Xi seemed genuinely agitated in the exchange despite his smiles. Notice how he shifted his weight back and forth and looked around the room instead of looking into Justin's baby-blue eyes.

If this wasn't the absolutely stone-cold dictator of 1.2 billion people, I'd say he was simply nervous, but come on: This is the same dude who had his predecessor hauled out of the communist assembly a few weeks ago with glee:

But Xi is not a man to publicly scold like this. He is about decorum and saving face (and disappearing those who bring him or the Party dishonor). For him to express his anger to another world leader's face is pretty dang crazy.

Look at the way Xi ended the conversation:

I know the video and screenshots are low quality, but DANG.

It's likely that this was one of Justin's Emperor-Palpatine-type backstabs, where he makes a power play and pretends he's the victim.

Both of these men are Marxists, and to Marxists, all relationships and exchanges are about power.

While Justin deeply admires the Chinese Communist Party for its totalitarian practices, it's clear he wants to be Supreme Leader, not a lackey.

We'll see how it all works out when WW3 kicks off!

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