Watch this freedom-loving California dude stand up on a pants table in Costco and blast Newsom's lockdowns
· Dec 15, 2020 ·

In Tustin, California, on Sunday one man walked into his local Costco with a megaphone and dreams of freedom.

Check this dude out.

His overarching point seems to be that people should not blindly follow the mask orders.

"Don't let them do it! . . . You must not do this. If you continue, this is the life that you will have."

A few people fist bump him. One guy just really wants to snag a pair of Kirkland slacks in his size. And then there's this woman who comes close and says something to him which you can't really hear. But he replies to her, "Don't tell me I have the right. You know what? Governor Newsom doesn't have the right to make you wear a mask."

This is the best bit:

"We have got to stand up for ourselves because this governor is going to keep us locked down until we do something about it. And I want to know, are you going to let this happen? It's a beautiful day outside and what are we doing, covering up with our masks."

He is 100% right about that. These governors will take as much power as they can until people say enough is enough.

Here's another clip from a different part of his speech.

He definitely has some conspiracy theory stuff sprinkled in there but for the most part, he's right.

My personal and entirely correct viewpoint is that you can take the disease seriously while simultaneously refusing to accept government overreach.

And I just gotta say, having recently fled the state myself, it's nice to see there are a few Americans still left in California.

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