It's a cult: Watch this lady who built a literal "abortion altar" in her home as she does an at-home ritualistic abortion
· Aug 5, 2022 ·

Moloch could not be more pleased with how things are going.

We have often talked about how abortion is like a literal sacrament of The Left.

Catholic theologian Peter Kreeft has described abortion this way:

Abortion is the Antichrist's demonic parody of the eucharist. That's why it uses the same holy words, "This is my body," with the blasphemous opposite meaning.

Now, to prove that there is truly nothing new under the sun, we have this video from a woman showing how to build an "abortion altar" in your own home.

It's a sick mix of spiritual worship and sacrifice on the altar of self with the drugs she will use to murder her undesired child.

YouTube also gives us this really helpful "context" under the video.

You know how they started to give out "correct" info about Covid under all posts everywhere? Then it was climate change? Now they have the same thing with abortion apparently.

YouTube and the National Library of Medicine are here to help assuage the consciences of those who came here to participate in their own child sacrifice ritual.

Thank goodness for the science.

The woman burns sage and waves it over the altar and all of the items on the altar.

She sets up her altar covering it with a cloth, putting up a picture of Mary the mother of Jesus, because she somehow sees no contradiction or irony in that, then a couple of candles and, of course, crystals and a tarot card.

But you can do whatever you want, these are just the things that she chose for her ritualistic child sacrifice.

She also puts sage on her abortion pills before she takes them.

Watch the video, if you dare.

It's all so disturbing.

This is not just some ignorant woman who has been deceived. This is demonic. It's evil.

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