Watch this tank in Kyiv steamroll an old guy's car in the middle of an insane firefight ... the dude apparently survived!
ยท Feb 25, 2022 ยท

Russia, you're REALLY not making people sympathetic to your cause with this horror show:

[Warning: Graphic]


You'd think that guy is totally dead, right??

Here's another angle from farther out:

Here's the thing...


Hopefully he's able to fully recover.

(It was probably the mask that saved him.)

According to the NY Post, the vehicle is used by both militaries, so it's hard to pinpoint it as Russian, but Russian forces were seen in that area.

The tank is believed to be a Strela-10 โ€” an anti-aircraft vehicle used by both the Russian and Ukrainian armies


The vehicle was shown in another video from the other side of the street. In this following clip, you can see a Russian troop transport truck barrel across the road before the driver is shot by Ukrainian forces, followed by the soldier in back. The Ukrainian forces continue shooting, presumably at other forces including the Russian armored vehicle, which is when the vehicle swerved and hit the civilian car.


What insanity.

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