Watch: Woman says a trans person “with a penis and a beard” flashed her and her 6-year-old last year at the LA spa that went viral for a similar incident last week
· Jul 8, 2021 ·

Last week, the story of a biological man entering the women's space at a SoCal spa went viral, spurring conversations of our current cultural madness around the world.

Now, another woman is speaking out about what happened in a separate 2020 incident at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. She claims a "person with a penis and a beard" sat down butt naked in a hot tub with her and her minor daughter.

How sad is it that she can't just say "MAN" or "DUDE" at the risk of being cancelled? She can't even show her face!

She did say "his" though by accident, so pray for her.

In addition to this, the woman that took the viral video at Wi Spa last week held a press conference where she detailed what happened. Her comments begin at 2:20 in this video:

The press conference followed Antifa violence at the spa last weekend, where they beat up people who were protesting the spa.

If you're wondering what "antifascism" has to do with people protesting men exposing themselves to women, you probably haven't realized it has nothing to do with antifascism.

I experienced what used to be called indecent exposure... He showed his testicles & penis, which was slightly erected... All a man has to say is 'I'm a woman' & he has access [to women].

It's pretty depraved and unsafe territory we're entering into, isn't it?

Alas, such things happen when you reject reality and journey beyond parody.


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