We got a quality NASCAR brawl!
ยท Apr 9, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

I have long been of the opinion that regular brawls would be a lovely addition to NASCAR. Like hockey or baseball, it just fuels rivalries and adds to the stakes of the game. Ty Gibbs apparently feels the same way:

Dude was on GO! Just waiting for Brandon Jones to push him so he could unleash that straight-right-straight-right-straight-left combo. Connected with all three of them too. Then that sneaky left hook at the end! Great combo โ€” this is not Ty Gibbs' first rodeo, I promise you.

And if Gibbs was on go, Jones was on "please don't hurt me." He didn't want the smoke, you can tell.

From the very low-effort push that you can tell Gibbs was actually hoping for so he could punch Jones's eyebrows off...

To the very end of the clip when Jones had Gibbs' back and had him wrapped up and could have body slammed him into the earth's core, but just let him go!

He didn't want it. And that's OK, you just gotta know if you're not built like that and not escalate the situation to the point where you get lumped up like a Looney Tunes episode in front of the world.

Overall, high quality brawl here, several clean shots. I got no advice for Gibbs really. Those first two punches were both literally inches landing on the chin and sending Jones to sleepy land. Clean and fast, didn't telegraph them, got three in before his opponent even knew what was happening.

My advice to Jones: Don't get into any more fights until you get some training and sparring under your belt. You have no idea how close you were there to the back of your head bouncing off the asphalt from six feet up.

Here are the details leading up the fight if you're interested:

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