We have our first footage from one kangaroo court set up to take down Donald Trump. The judge preened himself and New York's AG couldn't stop glaring 🤡
· Oct 2, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Ladies and gentlemen of the free land named after Amerigo Vespucci, no nation ever headed toward open civil war has ever had the luxury that we have of enjoying the clown dance into madness in the fashion of a mockumentary sitcom.

What a time to be alive!

If the elites obsessed with Trump knew what Trump represents to the average working man, or what kind of societal destruction they are heaping on their own heads like hot coals, they might wisely abstain from this witch hunt and let sleeping dogs lie for the sake of the nation.

But as it is, they are intent on rendering the nation asunder to refashion it in their image.

So, while it's clownish that the judge is loving his time on camera...

And AG Leticia James is glaring at The Donald, that most vile son of Hitler who so precipitously encroached on the foundations of civilization, nearly overthrowing the Olympian gods of Tolerance and Equity...

...If we are going to live in these latter days, when Wormtongues have the ears of the courts and corrupted wizards fancy their machinations to be the supreme power in the world, why not laugh at this madness for the folly it is? Why not go into the chaos knowing our place in history as men and women who are brave enough to ride its tides?

To that end, I say we broadcast the bloodlust and bloodletting of this modern gladiatorial circus for all to see, for to win the mob is to win Rome, and the puppeteers have placed all their bets on destroying Donald Trump.

Let the games commence!

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