We just reached 8 billion people on Planet Earth and the climate freaks are crying about it
· · Nov 15, 2022 · NottheBee.com

More people is a good thing, but the Malthusian dumb-dumbs in the climate cult are out here wishing for a new plague to kill a few billion of us off:

"Climate justice"


Whether its food or water, batteries or gasoline, there will be less to go around as the global population adds another 2.4 billion people by the 2080s, according to U.N. projections.

"Every single person needs fuel, wood, water, and a place to call home," said Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director with the Center for Biological Diversity.

The "objective" AP is lamenting in the same way:

Thomas Malthus was a British "expert" born in the 1700s who predicted that mass starvation would happen with quick population growth.

He was spectacularly wrong.

The eugenicists like Charles Darwin, Hitler, and Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood read Malthus and believed the human population needed to be culled like a herd of deer.

But the modern world is possible because Malthus and the climate doomsayers are wrong. If we followed the advice of those idiots, we'd still be using horse carriages and whale-blubber candles.

Humans are not deer: We are made wonderful and unique – all 8 billion of us – in the image of God Almighty.

We don't have a population or resources problem. We have a sin problem where rich and powerful people corrupt the governments designed to protect people, thus limiting access to resources (poverty).

More people means more innovation, more technology, faster development, and exponential specialization. Another 8 billion people on Earth would be better, not worse.

But the climate wackos in the media are all out here today like Dwight freaking Schrute:

You are the carbon they wish to reduce!


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