Weirdo who hates his own intestines sets world record for eating world's hottest pepper
· · Jan 27, 2021 ·

Watch as this crazy bloke downs three Carolina Reaper peppers in less than 10 seconds:

Notice his face at the beginning of the challenge:

Now compare it to the end:

And this was only the beginning of the pain. If you've had a spicy meal, you know the lingering gastrointestinal journey this poor soul was about to embark on.

The hottest variety of Carolina Reaper measures 2,200,000 on the Scofield Heat Unit scale, which looks at the concentration of capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers hot. A typical jalapeño only measures 2,500 to 10,000 on the same scale, meaning the Reaper is 200 times hotter than the very hottest jalapeño.

Here's how one news writer described the experience of eating one:

"I hiccup, I cough, I can feel the pepper ripping through my esophagus knowing exactly where it is as if it has a GPS device on it."

That's not going to dissuade Canadian Mike Jack though. Eating these three peppers in 9.72 seconds gives him the new Guinness World Record for such a feat.

"For the purposes of this record, each chili had to weigh at least 5 grams (0.18 oz), and a certificate proving they were in fact 'Carolina Reaper' chillies had to be provided," said Guiness.

Mike also has the record for most Ghost Peppers (only half as hot as the Reaper) eaten in a single minute.

I grew a batch of the latter a year back – simply handling them before throwing them into the dehydrator made my fingers burn for hours. I also had to place said dehydrator in the garage because the fumes it gave off were essentially military-grade mace.

I shudder to think of what so many peppers does to the inside of a man's body and soul.

Congrats on the record, Mike, and may God have mercy on your colon.


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