Well, that didn't take long: Anthony Fauci is now "a holdover from the Trump administration.”

Jan 22nd

Remember this?

You can put that away now in some dark corner of your basement, right next to the J.K. Rowling books and Kirstie Alley weight-loss products.

It turns out that Fauci is just another Trump-supporting fascist insurrectionist seeking to undermine the United States of America and Joe Biden's agenda which are the same thing.

It all began when the Biden administration started reducing expectations and trying to make sure everyone understood that anything that goes wrong from here on out is still Trump's fault.

"There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch."

"The cupboards are bare! Not only that, there aren't any cupboards, just wood planks up on cinder blocks, and the wood planks have termites, and I lied about the cinder blocks because I didn't want to panic you!"

"What we're inheriting is so much worse than we could have imagined," Jeff Zients, the new coronavirus response coordinator, said on a call with reporters.

Still, they made a promise, no matter the odds.

How "not easy" is it going to be to reach that target? Brace yourself.

It's like trying to make 10 cupcakes and discovering the last guy only left you with enough flour to make 9 and now you have to make another trip to the grocery store which is really inconsiderate when you think about it.

Yeah, that kind of not easy.

Yes, we can all breathe a great sigh of relief now that we have some real leadership in the White House, the kind that sets modest, achievable goals that still leave plenty of room for naps.

Now, if we can only do something about that Fauci guy...


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