Someone hacked into this road sign in Spokane and they blamed teenagers, but maybe we're discounting a more obvious culprit.
· Mar 2, 2024 ·

If you and your family are still residing in Spokane, I don't know what to tell you except it's too late and nobody is coming to rescue you:

A traffic sign in the Audubon neighborhood was hacked and changed to warn drivers of raccoons.

The sign displayed the message, 'Angry raccoons ahead.'

A terrifying sign of the times:

Everyone in Spokane right now like:

Okay, okay, it was apparently just a prank. But one civic leader suggests it may have been some sort of inside job:

Mike Beggs, co-owner of Spokane Traffic Control, said the sign was hacked.

He was first alerted to the problem Wednesday morning and said the message was removed midmorning. In the nearly two decades Beggs has owned the business, a hack has never occurred.

'That's the first time that's happened that I can remember,' Beggs said. 'Somebody had to know what they're doing.'

According to Beggs, the "lock on the machine was twisted open," after which "someone accessed the 'brains' of the sign to change the message."

Hmmm. Someone needed big smarts and dextrous fingers. Who do we know who fits that description?

I'm just sayin'!

The raccoons are good at this sort of thing, you know. They can easily make this look like the work of "hackers." Heck, in short order the whole thing had taken on the air of a selfie destination!

A group of teenagers pulled over and conducted an impromptu photo shoot in front of the raccoon message midmorning.

Perfect coverup! Nobody will suspect a thing as the raccoons consolidate power.

Be scared, Spokane. Be very scared indeed.

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