White liberal immediately sees "threatening brown individual" in New College of Florida's cartoon tree mascot, says the college is the racist one
· Jun 21, 2023 · NottheBee.com

New College of Florida has named a new mascot, the Mighty Banyan, which was designed by a student and modeled after the campus's abundant banyan trees.

The new mascot replaces their longtime non-mascot, "the Null Set" (which means literally nothing). The Mighty Banyan may not have the inside joke quality of Null Set, but the imagery is definitely an upgrade:

Unless you're a crazy white liberal who sees racism wherever you look, as appears to be the case with Robin Williams (fortunately, not the late comedian) who wrote an editorial for the Herald-Tribune criticizing the school for choosing a mascot associated with racial stereotypes.

New College Board of Trustees member, Christopher Rufo, shared a screenshot of the retired teacher's piece on Twitter,

Yes, a brown tree with a mean face looks too much like a brown man with a mean face for Ms. Williams's taste, so obviously the mascot is racist. Or maybe it's the woman who sees a cartoon tree and sees a scary black man.

Mascots tend to make scary faces, and this one has some great biceps, so even if it did look racial, I wouldn't take it as an insult.

Nope, it's only the leftists who want to remove people of color from packaging and logos!

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