Whoopi compares human rights in America to Saudi Arabia, where you get decapitated in the street
· · Jul 18, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I know we've established plenty that the women of The View aren't very good legal analysts, philosophers, experts, or thinkers, but this right here is another next-level moment from Whoopi Goldberg.

[Biden] didn't have to go to Saudi Arabia, however, to find a country that's violating human rights or a country that's opposing women, because plenty of states that we live in are doing the same thing. Remove protected rights from women, disallowing them control over their bodies.


This lady makes more money than you and me will ever see in our lifetimes.

When I was studying Arabic, I had a professor who lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and had authored a textbook on the culture and history of the country.

He showed us a video of a Saudi executioner one day and impressed upon us how serious the laws are in the Wahhabi kingdom.

"If you are there and you accidentally hit a person who jumps in front of your car, don't stop," he told us. "Drive straight to the airport and leave immediately."

A younger me riding through the Wadi Rum Desert a few miles from the Saudi border

Saudi Arabia's criminal system is based on Islamic law, which shares little ideological foundation with the Christian idea of the inherent right to life, liberty, due process, free speech, etc.

Executions are usually carried out by beheading in the public square where everyone can see, and bodies are often left in the sun as a deterrent for would-be offenders. Torture is usually used to extract "confessions."

Crimes punishable by death include the worthy items of murder and rape, with other crimes like adultery, sodomy, rape, drug trafficking, and apostasy tacked on. There's also the umbrella charge of "terrorism," which ranges from "you're a proven part of ISIS" to "the Saudi nobility doesn't like you and wants you gone."

In addition to beheading, stoning is also a worthy punishment for some crimes. The concept of "eye-for-an-eye" punishments is also real, where a family can convince a judge to kill you even if you accidentally killed their family member in a situation that wasn't your fault.

Oh, did I mention that one of the people executed in 2019 was a 16-year-old who sent a text about a protest?

Anyway, Whoopi says America and Saudi Arabia are basically the same.

Women have nearly no rights, and are not seen as equal partners to men with equal worth as image bearers of God, something unique to Christian teachings (and secular humanists copying Christian doctrine).

When I taught English to Saudi students, it was beyond scandalous when one of the Saudi women exchanged her hijab for a French scarf and stylish cap, then went and got her Michigan driver's license (women were finally allowed to drive in 2020).

So, I just want to say, you know, I think part of the big problem that we have is our own hands are dirty quite often.

Ah, yes, the tried-and-true tactic of tearing America down by comparing it to the worst human rights offenders that pop into your head.

You're right, Whoopi: Protecting the life of children or advocating to keep groomers out of schools is the exact same as Sharia beheadings in the streets. Well done!

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