Oh no: Commie Kim was accidentally based!
· Jan 24, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Every once in a while, even genocidal commie maniacs start living their best Chad life.

'I've heard about people being shot for distributing impure cultural contents. There was one person who was executed for watching pornography and prostituting at his place after Kim Jong Un took office.'

Mess around, find out?

Punishments range from demotion at work, being fired, or even sent to a re-education or labour camp. In the most extreme cases - such as being found to have been watching pornography - people could be executed by firing squad.

'If you consume sexual media content in North Korea, you are either punished with a lifetime term of "reform through labour" or even executed by firing squad. Watching typical South Korean or American material will lead to a sentence of fewer than ten years of 'reform through labour,' according to another defector's testimony.

You may think that's rather harsh.

And yeah, from a Christian perspective where we are granted the amazing grace that God offers, and we are to be charitable and forgiving and just with one another, executing someone for watching a raunchy video might not be the best way to run a society. This is why Western civilization has laws that are a bit more kind and fair.

But from a militant atheist perspective, which is how Lil' Rocket Kimmie runs his nation, it's a simple equation of the government doing whatever it must to keep the citizenry it feeds off as healthy as possible to prop up the regime.

Pornography turns people into addicts who separate sex from loving procreation that keeps society stable and growing. Sexual behavior orders marriage and family; marriage and family order a civilization. You cannot have deviant sexual behavior and expect your society to survive.

And in that way, North Korea is somehow more clued into reality than the rest of us.

Of course, the commies aren't just shutting down prostitution and porn: They are living their best Karl Marx life now by ensuring that every single citizen is watched and is compliant to the State.

Kim Jong Un's new secret squads will execute anyone viewing pornography under the North Korean dictator's efforts to clamp down on 'foreign influences'.

Enforcers are working to stamp out foreign television, hair cuts and even birthday parties, according to testimony from a defector included in a new report.

The squads, known as 'gruppa' or 'non-socialist groups', are tasked by Pyongyang to pursue violations of the Communist Party's official ideology.

'The groups operate as a hidden tool, which is used by the government to achieve their ultimate objectives of ubiquitous surveillance and the ability to thoroughly oversee each and every resident,' the report says.

The groups report on citizens for missing a day of work, running a stop sign, wearing unapproved clothing, or holding a party with alcohol.

They also arrest you if you dare to believe in God and attend meetings with other people who think a loving Father in heaven is way better than a short little fat dictator who tells you what to do every second of the day.

Even using words that sound like South Korean slang will get you shipped off to the literal coal mines.

Four students were expelled from university and forced to work in a coal mine because they sounded as if they had been watching too much foreign TV, by using accents or phrases from the South.

All this is happening, of course, because North Korea is trying desperately to ward off the inevitable end of the communist experiment, especially as technology leaves them in the dust and erodes their ability to control information.

'The border has become tighter, more barbed wire fences have been installed. Also, there were instructions to directly fire at any person crossing the border.'

Here's to the death of the Rocket Man's doomed regime!

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