Whoopsie daisy! Pelosi tweets out pic of wrong black ballplayer while trying to honor Willie Mays

May 8th

Nancy Pelosi tweeted this to honor Willie Mays on his birthday:

But that's ... not Willie Mays.





Pelosi corrected her mistake with a new tweet:

Theeerrree's Willie Mays. Got it right that time, Nance.

Though the Say Hey Kid doesn't look too pleased with the error...

So what should we make of this?

Just an honest mistake?

The man in the pic she incorrectly called Willie Mays was, in fact, also a baseball player named Willie. It was the late Willie McCovey.

Certainly seems like an honest mistake. Nbd.

Anyone could've made that goof, yeah?

Pelosi and her ilk would certainly extend the same grace to a conservative who made the same error, and would never use it as an opportunity to play identity politics ... right? 😉


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