This armored truck driver escaped a deadly ambush like Jason freaking Bourne as bullets flew everywhere. Check out the play by play.

May 8th

In late April, two armored truck drivers in Pretoria, South Africa were attacked by gunman that pulled up alongside them on a highway and started spraying bullets.

Fortunately, the armored panels and glass stopped the rounds from penetrating and killing the men. Check out how calmly they reacted as they literally dodged bullets in a high-speed escape:

[Warning: Language and lots of fiery lead]

Did you see how calm they remained?? Not only did the driver manage to get the heck out of Dodge while being shot at, he also managed to give precise orders to his wingman to ready their weapons and call for backup.

Absolutely unfazed.

The driver's name is Leo Prinsloo, a former member of South Africa's elite police force. He and his coworker, Lloyd, were making a transit run of some valuables for their company, Fortis Pro Active Defense Solutions.

Right before the shots started, Leo looked in his side mirror. Then an Audi pulled up with what looked like a gun sticking out of the rear window:

A moment later, the window shattered as the bullet-resistant glass took the impact of multiple rounds. If that truck had not been not armored, this story would have ended very differently:

Most untrained drivers might have stopped at the ambush, but Leo (correctly) kept moving.

Two other vehicles – a white pickup and a transport truck – can be seen setting up a roadblock ahead in a video from a second camera. It's clear that the Audi was trying to drive their prize into a secondary ambush. Leo drove straight at them, forcing the baddies to run for their lives:

It's clear these criminals knew this truck's route and had planned this thing out.

When Leo stopped, he set up a counter-ambush for their attackers. Some people noted that a white cargo truck similar to the one on the highway can be seen driving behind them as Leo got out.

Dude was not going down without a fight.

The criminals' Audi was also ditched just feet away from the armored truck, meaning they probably saw Leo coming after them with his rifle and scrambled for dear life:

Here was the final damage:

* * *

What. A. Ride.

Give this man a raise at once!


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