Whoopsie! California BLM Is Delinquent In Filing Their Financial Docs, Cali DA Threatens To Revoke Tax-Exempt Status
· Feb 3, 2022 · NottheBee.com


Looks like a certain "social justice" organization is behind on disclosing their financial information to the state of California.

In a letter acquired by the Washington Examiner, the California Attorney General has written a letter to the Black Lives Matter organization stating that they are at risk of losing their tax-exempt status if they don't disclose financial information from 2020.

From the Examiner:

The California Department of Justice has threatened to hold the leaders of Black Lives Matter personally liable if they fail to fork over information about the charity's $60 million bankroll within the next 60 days, according to a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner.

The move came just days after a Washington Examiner investigation found that BLM has had no known leader in charge of its millions since its co-founder resigned in May and that the Los Angeles address it lists on its tax forms is wrong.

That's $60 million unaccounted for, and if they cannot provide some sort of documentation about how these funds were raised or are being used, then the leaders of BLM will be held PERSONALLY responsible.

This looks like it could be big, big trouble for BLM, which, unofficially, appears to stand for "Buy Large Mansions."

But I'm sure this group in California is completely above reproach. They just don't know how to file their financial statements or something.

California's warning to BLM comes just weeks after Washington ordered the charity to "immediately cease" fundraising in the liberal state due to its lack of financial transparency. Despite the order, BLM continues to solicit and receive contributions from Washington residents.

Multiple charity experts previously told the Washington Examiner that BLM's lack of transparency surrounding its finances and operations raises major legal and ethical red flags.

Remember, if you didn't support this organization in 2020, you were a racist!

BLM reported in February 2021 that it closed out 2020 with $60 million in its bank accounts, but the charity won't say who has been in control of the funds for the past eight months, and the address listed on the charity's 2019 tax forms is wrong.

I guess commies aren't good at math or paying attention to details.

BLM's co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, appointed two activists to lead the organization after she resigned in May 2021 amid criticism of her personal finances, but her replacements quietly announced in September that they never took the job because of disagreements with BLM.

Local black activists publicly criticized the national BLM organization in late 2020 for its lack of financial transparency and for providing little to no funding to local BLM chapters across the country.

CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron previously said BLM was "like a giant ghost ship full of treasure drifting in the night with no captain, no discernible crew, and no clear direction."

Aren't you glad that pretty much every major corporation in America donated some of their profits to this group?

Paul Kamenar, counsel for conservative watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center, said Tuesday his organization is preparing to file a complaint against BLM.

"The National Legal and Policy Center will be filing a formal complaint with the Attorneys General of Washington and California to impose the maximum penalties on BLMGNF for their flagrant and repeated violations of the charity disclosure laws in those states and it seems in many others," Kamenar said.

BLM did not return requests for comment.

BLM has raised tens of millions of dollars (that we know of), no one knows who is using the money or how it is being used, and their "trained Marxist" founder left the organization after skipping to the end goal of Marxism, where she gets to have multiple homes.

Even the most pro-BLM person in the world would have to realize this is a complete and utter disaster.

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