Winning: AP history course to be revised after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rejected it
· Jan 25, 2023 ·

The College Board backed down without even the semblance of a fight after Florida rejected its new African American History AP curriculum for being agenda driven and not historical.

Earlier this week, Ron DeSantis shed further light on why Florida rejected the new curriculum, which also apparently included queer theory and the need to abolish prisons, as well as rewriting the history of organizations like The Black Panthers.

It's not real history when it's shaded with queer theory, intersectionality, and radical Marxism.

"When you try to use black history to shoehorn in queer theory, you are clearly trying to use that for political purposes," he said, reiterating that advocating ideas such as abolishing prisons is a "radical political position."

Of course, the left-wing media continues to completely ignore all of that and brings on experts from the teachers' unions who keep suggesting that DeSantis just doesn't want to teach Black history.

Personally, I think DeSantis's words on Black history should be the way the subject is viewed by everyone:

"And we want to do history, and that's what our standards for black history are. It's just cut and dried history. You learn all the basics. You learn about the great figures and you know, I view it as American history. I don't view it as separate history. You know, we have history a lot of different shapes and sizes, people that have participated to make the country great, people that have stood up when it wasn't easy and they all deserve to be taught, but abolishing prisons being taught to high school kids as if that's somehow a fact? No. That's not appropriate."

Still, I'm amazed that College Board backed down as quickly as they did, and if they're going to revise the program to placate Florida, all of the other states will benefit as well.

It would be too costly to serve it up a la carte.

All it took was a little light shown in the darkness.

It's almost as if deep down they know what they're doing is wrong and are just hoping no one notices.

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