NJ school district removes all references to holidays and simply calls them "days off" in the calendar so nobody gets offended 🥴

Jun 11th

Congratulations, everyone: We have successfully started erasing all of our holidays and traditions thanks to the politically correct nonsense that worries about offending anyone about anything:

The Randolph Board of Education in New Jersey was apparently frustrated that their decision to replace Columbus Day with "Indigenous Peoples Day" was received poorly by people in the community who are still able to critically think and identify both revisionist history and Marxist antics when they see them.

Holidays like Thanksgiving will not be on the calendar and will simply be called "day off". Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were also stripped off the calendar by the move.

"If we don't have anything on the calendar, we don't have to have anyone be hurt feelings or anything like that," board member Dorene Roche said.

The board members made the move in an effort to not offend anyone who feels slighted by days that reference a person, holiday, or ethnic group.

I assume the board was also being pressured by wokies on the other side who want the revolution to begin post haste, causing someone on the board to finally throw up their hands in resignation and choose the nuclear option.

After the unanimous vote, the board was met with shouts from the crowd.

"What did you just do? What just happened?" one man was heard shouting in an audio recording of the meeting.

This perfectly mirrors a 2009 episode of the show "Community," where a community college struggles to find an inclusive mascot and ends up choosing a grey blob and dons the nickname "The Human Beings."

One of the characters, Jeff, even foresees the rise of Critical Race Theory by declaring "I think not being racist is the new racism." Prophecy fulfilled!

What was comedy a decade ago has now become reality! What a time to be alive!


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