Woke guy goes from "trans surgeries on minors aren't happening" to "they are happening and it's good" in record time. Watch the transformation right before your eyes!
· Dec 29, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This video is truly incredible.

The dude starts with the lie that he has been told for a while now, and you probably still hear all the time.

There is no doctor in the United States who is doing irreversible surgery on a person under 18.

Then he is confronted with the facts: Accounts from detransitioners talking about how they have been given surgery.

Then, after being pelted with facts, he moves on to Stage 2 of the Leftist Logic Circuit™. It's happening, but it's rare and it's hard to obtain.

He acknowledges it's happening, but only when they've gone through all the hoops and have been "affirmed" in their imagined gender a long time.

Then, when he's told that's not actually what happens and that people are getting surgery recommendation letters OFF THE STREET at Pride festivals from strangers who say they'll sign letters for any minor who wants surgery, he moves to the final phase.

If they wanna transition then yeah (they should have strangers sign letters of recommendation).

He moved SO far in just two minutes time.

It's honestly astounding to see.

This is your prototypical leftist. Leftism teaches you to blindly follow the party line no matter the consequences to others.

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