Woke pastor: "What if God worships me?" 🥴
· Mar 16, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Meet Jermell Witherspoon, a pastor at Common Good Church (what a name!) in Bellevue, Washington. In this sermon, Pastor Witherspoon asks the question that literally no one who has ever read the Bible before has ever asked: "What if God worships me?"

What if God worships me? Can you say that with me? What if God worships me? A God who worships me is quite the statement, I know, but follow me. Now I know we've started to worship a very big heteronormative, white Jesus that we constantly thank for standing between us and a mean God. But really, really, who, what, when, and why? Worship has become so God-centered that it risks the subjective colliding of our own things, biases, etc.

Guys, I don't have to tell you this, but this is insane.

I mean, any "pastor" who decries the "heteronormative white Jesus" as a sort of white savior figure is off the reservation. For sure. But the ideas of this "affirming" preacher are just insane.

Why would anyone who is a Christian ever think that "God-centered" worship is a bad thing?

If God worships me, then it's okay for me also to worship myself. That's the entire point of this sermon. And that's all anyone outside of Christ wants to do anyway. It's the easiest temptation on the planet, self-worship.

Then the worship pastor, at the end of the sermon in prayer, goes in with both feet.

We declare that you're the God that worships us. That's how much you love us. That's how much you desire us. That's how much you are for us.

We went from man worshipping the created instead of the creator straight to GOD worshipping his creation. This is so far removed from Christianity it's pretty much unrecognizable.

Straight. From. Satan.

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