Watch this young kid get "baptized" into transgenderism at a woke "church." Wokeism is a cult and this is straight up child abuse.
· Nov 23, 2020 ·

There should be a word for that emotion you feel when something simultaneously breaks your heart and enrages you.

That's the thing I feel when I watch this video of these fake Christian leftists ritualistically baptizing a helpless child into transgenderism as though it were a sacrament.

What is that boy, 8? 9?

Do you for one second believe that he "decided to be a girl" on his own? Literally a zero percent chance.

His mother, who is clearly the head of his family, brainwashed him into believing he is a girl. She pulled him up on stage after coaching him on exactly what he was expected to say. When he couldn't do it, she did it for him.

Now why would she do all of that?

Only one reason: For herself. She gets all the woke points. She gets to proclaim how progressive she is, to have raised a trans child. She gets to redeem those sweet, sweet intersectionality and oppression points on behalf of her family.

She pimps out her own child and reaps the rewards.

The perverted Unitarian church in the video benefits, too. "Look how woke we are! Look how loving! Look how inclusive! We are allies!"

All at the expense of the child's well-being.

The kid doesn't know any different. He's still at that age where kids believe anything their parents tell them. He is not old enough to think for himself or engage in critical thinking.

Why do kids his age believe Santa Claus is real? Their mothers tell them so.

Why does this boy say he's actually a girl? His mother told him so.

The former belief won't wreck a kid's life. The latter just might.

Wokeism is a false religion that seems designed to supplant Christianity. It has sacred scriptures, churches, catechisms, sacraments, doctrine, salvation, and repentance. And this sort of indoctrination of vulnerable children into the cult is straight up abuse.

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