Woman forced to give birth on side of the road because climate activists blocked a bridge
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The climate cultists are the worst.

They shut down and block roads in the name of "climate justice," convinced that their cause outweighs any inconvenience caused to others.

Just this week, a woman in Australia was forced to give birth on the side of the road because Extinction Rebellion activists were out at it again. Fortunately enough, with the help of a kind stranger, Roshni Lad gave birth to a healthy baby boy while stuck on Melbourne's Westgate Bridge.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

Lad went into labor Tuesday morning and was en route to the hospital with her husband and family friend when they encountered a traffic jam just after 9:30 am while she was in labor.

The climate change protesters had parked a rented truck across three lanes of Melbourne's Westgate Bridge, effectively shutting down the city. The family friend driving had no choice but to pull over to the roadside and wait for an ambulance.

Lad's husband got out of the car and frantically waved his arms, hoping someone would help. That caught the attention of high school teachers Kate Lonsdale and Fiona Trapani, who were on a bus to a sports event with students.

The teachers demanded to be let off the bus and ran over to help the distressed couple. Lonsdale called triple-0 (Australia's 911) and was given step-by-step directions to deliver the baby.

She told the Herald Sun she didn't know what she was doing but tried to stay calm.

I was following the lady's instructions, and I think on the third contraction the baby came out.

I didn't really know what I was doing.

I just had visions of me being in labour, and all you want is for people to tell you that you're OK.

The baby was OK, so I stayed calm and reassured the mum the baby was fine.

The newborn baby boy was snugly wrapped in a towel to stay warm while they waited for the ambulance, which arrived about 20 minutes later to transport the family to St. Vincent's Hospital in inner-east Melbourne.

Even though this was the couple's second child, this type of labor was NOT part of their birthing plan. Mr. Lad was so grateful for Lonsdale's assistance.

She came in like an angel.

She took care of my newborn baby and my wife. She took control of the delivery and followed all the instructions of the emergency department very well.

We are very grateful for her being there.

While all this was happening to the Lad family, a prominent climate activist was arrested over the stunt.

Deanna Coco, also known as Violet Coco, appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Tuesday evening after three activists used a forklift to protest on the freeway.

The cops actually used that forklift to get them down to arrest them. ๐Ÿคฃ

The 33-year-old serial protester, who's been arrested more than 30 times, pleaded guilty to charges of public nuisance and obstructing police.

A Victoria Police Sergeant informed the court that Coco and her two accomplices disrupted peak-hour traffic by parking the truck, ascending on top of it to secure themselves together with metal tubing, igniting flares, and live-streaming their climate action protest.

NCA News Wire

The Sergeant told the court that the three refused a lawful direction to move on, which prompted an "extensive" police response.

Victoria Police will always support lawful protest protest but it will not support unlawful protest - that is what this was.

This had a maximum impact on the public.

The three stooges were removed more than two hours later. Prosecutors argued the stunt caused a "massive and catastrophic inconvenience and delay to thousands of members of the public."

Coco apologized for inconveniencing motorists but informed the court that she was compelled to act due to the climate crisis.

I've spent the last five years engaging in protest ... this has come at great personal cost to myself.

What's coming is so dangerous we need to sound the alarm. If were not able to achieve change I want to know I've done everything I can.

The two others, retiree Joseph Zammit, 68, and truck driver Bradley Homewood, 51, faced the court on Tuesday evening on the same charges. Homewood pleaded guilty to public nuisance and obstructing police, expressing regret for the disruption caused while deeming it an "appropriate" reaction to the climate crisis.

I understand disruption is decisive, but I am in a state of despair and feel I have nothing left.

We are on the trajectory for civilisation collapse... all protest movements are vilified in their time but are vindicated by history.

The Daily Mail

Coco and Hollywood both got 21 days in jail.

Then there was Zammit. Initially, he was also going to plead guilty and receive a sentence, but later changed his mind and contested prosecutors' claims that he caused a catastrophic inconvenience and hindered emergency services.

We didn't block all the lanes, it's only when police came did they block the other two lanes.

They blocked the entire inbound of the grid - there's a real contradiction here. Were they really worried about emergency incidents or not.

Our message is about the climate crisis ... what they suffer today is nothing compared to what will come.

My goodness! ๐Ÿ™„

These people couldn't possibly become any more self-centered while believing themselves to be selfless heroes.

Zammit was granted bail with the condition that he would not associate with the co-accused and would not participate in any unlawful protest activities.

Thank God the Lad family and their new baby boy are safe and doing well. This climate stunt could have ended far worse for them.

Climate activists ... THE WORST.

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