Woman In Brazil Delivers Her Baby During A Metallica Concert 😱🤘
· May 27, 2022 · NottheBee.com

A woman in Brazil was attending a Metallica concert while she was 39 weeks pregnant (which is a totally normal thing to do). Then she went into labor and delivered her baby, all while the heavy metal band was rocking out on stage.

At a Metallica concert in Brazil on May 7, a fan who was 39 weeks pregnant went into labor near the end of the show and gave birth inside the stadium to a baby boy as the band was closing out the night with "Enter Sandman."

Is there anything on earth more metal than being born while Metallica is playing "Enter Sandman"?

Imagine "Hush little baby, don't say a word. And never mind that noise you heard!" being the first thing you ever hear in this world when you are born!!

This baby is set up to have the most amazing rock and roll origin story of all time.

Honestly, I'm jealous that this baby got to see Metallica immediately upon birth and here I am at thirty and I haven't seen them once.

The mama posted the story on her Instagram page and the band shared it after the show.

Joice M Figueiró documented the event on Instagram and her Story posts were even re-shared by Metallica, who helped spread the news of what is now a viral moment.

Although medical personnel arrived with intentions on taking her to a nearby hospital via ambulance, that was out of the realm of possibility as the baby was on the verge of arrival and the delivery had to be carried out at the venue, Estàdio Couto Pereira, while Metallica played on.

The baby boy, Luan, was born at 11:15 PM "to the sound of 'Enter Sandman," per Figueiró, who entered labor "three songs before the show [was set to end]," likely meaning that the birthing process had started right around the same time the encore did as Metallica returned to the stage with the Master of Puppets opening track "Battery" — talk about "Smashing through the boundaries!"

I know it's not the most ideal circumstances, but at least mama and baby didn't have to miss the encore.

What an amazing story! Mom and baby are doing just fine and now have the story of a lifetime.

Rock on baby Luan! Rock on!

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