Apparently Biden's dog was just biting the crap out of people left and right and the White House kinda covered it up

Aug 29th

President Joe Biden's dog Major has had a few well-known and well-publicized biting incidents since moving into the White House, but apparently he's taken more chomps than anyone thought, and the White House sort of—let's just go ahead and say it—buried the news:

The Biden family dog was a bit more of a problem pooch than the White House initially acknowledged, according to Secret Service emails obtained by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

The White House said at the end of March that Major, the Bidens' 3-year-old German shepherd, was involved in a pair of "nipping" incidents, but the emails show he was involved in several more.

"At the current rate an Agent or Officer has been bitten every day this week (3/1-3/8) causing damage to attire or bruising/punctures to the skin," one of the emails said.

Every single day!

When asked about the Biden administration's failing to disclose to the public the totality of Major's bites, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got a little nippy herself:

"He has been receiving additional training as well as spending some time in Delaware where the environment is more familiar to him and he is more comfortable. I don't have any additional specifics but I think that speaks to where Major is located, to be fully transparent in your ongoing interest in the dog."

Beneath the snark, it seems like the unstated message here is: "We tried to make it work for a little bit but he couldn't function very well in the White House so we shipped him back home to Delaware." If that's how the administration treats its problems, Biden himself is probably sweating a good bit right now.

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