The media is now reporting on a study that shows prior infection is just as good as (or better than) the vax
· Feb 17, 2023 ·

Man, can you believe all those conspiracy theorists back in 2021 who refused to take the new jab because it was experimental, with no long-term studies? Remember how most of them already had Covid anyways, so they created this insane "natural immunity" theory so they wouldn't have to get the shot?

Whatever happened with all of that anyways?




Immunity acquired from a Covid infection provides strong, lasting protection against the most severe outcomes of the illness, according to research published Thursday in The Lancet — protection, experts say, that's on par with what's provided through two doses of an mRNA vaccine.

Infection-acquired immunity cut the risk of hospitalization and death from a Covid reinfection by 88% for at least 10 months, the study found.

"This is really good news, in the sense that protection against severe disease and death after infection is really quite sustained at 10 months," said the senior study author, Dr. Christopher Murray, the director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

He told us so!

Rand Paul refused to get the jab because he already had Covid. He was ridiculed by Fauci, the media, the Democrats, and fellow Republicans, all because he wouldn't go along with getting an experimental shot for a disease he already had.

And, over and over again, he's been vindicated.

The immunity generated from an infection was found to be "at least as high, if not higher" than that provided by two doses of an mRNA vaccine, the authors wrote.

While Murray and Wachter agreed that vaccination remains the safest route, having a past Covid infection should at least be considered in policymaking decisions going forward, such as vaccination requirements, they said.

Going forward?

How about retroactively? What about all those who were fired for not getting the shot who already had Covid? Shouldn't this new evidence not just vindicate them in their own minds, but in reality?

They knew from the beginning.

They always knew it's just now two years later and they're allowed to say it openly.

It's not an apology. No mea culpa here. It's almost like they're just rubbing it in our faces now.

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