This guy called Toronto police to report kids being exposed to public nudity but they said the law doesn't apply for Pride parades
· Jun 29, 2023 ·

Guys, I'm starting to think that the "pride" community is not oppressed.

As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure members of this "community" gets special privileges from law enforcement and are allowed to do all sorts of sexually provocative performances out in public with complete immunity.

For confirmation of this, here's Rob Primo calling Toronto police to complain about naked grown men parading in front of kids.

Listen to this bizarre response:

The police officer explains that it is illegal, but there are a lot of crazy homeless people so it's hard to enforce that kind of thing.

Then when Rob said he saw A LOT of them and it was over the weekend, the officer knew IMMEDIATELY that it was the pride parade.

The officer said that it happens every year and they can't really do anything about it.

I'm sorry. What?

This happens EVERY YEAR? Grown men take their clothes off, expose their privates to children, and do it on a yearly basis as part of "Pride" festivities and the police just stand by and let it happen.

That's the policy of Toronto (and I guess Seattle) police?

The group that's out marching for their "rights" already has extra rights! Nobody else has the "right" to strip down naked in front of children. Nobody else has the "right" to perform sexual dances and strip shows in front of kids.

Are you kidding me? You think THIS group is oppressed?

If a police officer were to break ranks and arrest one of these "stunning and brave" pride marchers do you really think they'd have a job on the other side of it?

The job of law enforcement in 2023 is to guard the protected class of groomers and pedos, I guess.

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