You can now buy someone else's face to wear as a mask

Dec 16th

Wearing other people's faces is apparently a thing now.

WAT. Credit: Reuters

Japanese retailer Shuhei Okawar is selling ultra-realistic 3D-printed masks of people's faces to allow them to comply with mask mandates while creeping the heck out of everyone in sight.

"Mask shops in Venice probably do not buy or sell faces, but that is something that's likely to happen in fantasy stories," Okawara said, oblivious to the monstrosity he's created. "I thought it would be fun to actually do that."

Sure, dude. Except Venetian masks aren't generally the stuff of my darkest nightmares.

You be the judge on which one is creepier.

Even seeing Tom Cruise whip off someone's face is preferable to whatever this thing is. This real-life abomination is far, far too deep in the uncanny valley to be anything other than nightmare-fuel.

The $950-dollar masks go on sale in early 2021. Customers can choose from a lineup of various strangers they want to look like. While all the models are currently Japanese, Okawar says he plans to start printing masks based on faces from other countries in the near future.

I'm sure this won't be used in crime at all. Credit: Reuters

At least this is only a Japanese fad and won't spread to other countries, right?


May the Lord have mercy on our souls.


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