YouTube suspended the LAPD's channel for posting this video to ID two perps who beat this man to pulp. No joke.
· Oct 30, 2023 ·

The public release of videos and images is one of the best tools the police have in finding criminals.

Someone's sitting there, watching the news, when their Uncle Gary flashes up on the screen robbing the Kwik-E Mart. The newscaster says, "Police are asking for help identifying this man."

Then karma comes for Uncle Gary for ruining all those Christmases with his drunken tirades, as his relatives rat him out.

But now that the Left is pushing the idea that prisons and civil society are just systemic racist constructs intended to keep people of color down, they feel that they have do whatever possible to stop the police from doing their job and be the pro-crime political party.

For example, consider the case of this violent beating caught on camera in Los Angeles.

[Warning: Violence]

Police released the video and asked for help identifying the two men involved via their YouTube channel.

But their message reached fewer people because Youtube flagged the video as "violent content" and took the department's entire channel offline.

The police department appealed and was denied.

We're talking about the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT.

They eventually had to remove the video from their channel in order to regain access.

I spent some time combing through the videos on their channel, and there is a ton of violence with calls for help identifying suspects: Fatal car accidents, kidnappings, shootings, armed robberies, assaults, sexual assaults, child-abuse, murder — the works.

So, the question is: What was it about this particular video that YouTube didn't like?

I mean, even if they caught these two guys, George Soros's main-man George Gascón (the Los Angeles District Attorney) has refused to prosecute over 10,000 cases like this since he's been in office.

The cases are just sitting in limbo.

Sounds like a horrible time to be a cop in LA.

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