Biden declares trans people “made in the image of God,” but erases the end of the verse

For the record, I doubt it will ever go away.

As the Senate officially confirmed Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court last week, a number of Christian ethicists and observers rejected the invitation to celebrate her historic appointment on the grounds that Jackson's support of legalized feticide was nothing any Christian should abide.

The response was expected: "You lost the moral high ground to advocate for Christian morality among federal government officials when you publicly supported Trump." I think that reaction is here to stay permanently as a knee-jerk defense offered whenever someone on the left feels the twinge of conviction about their own leaders.

Not dismissing the sting such an indictment should bring to those Christians who unabashedly championed The Donald's public character, it's important to remember that "well, you did something bad so you can't ever call something else bad again" isn't a very sound rejoinder.

And that's why so long as progressives insist on bringing up how antithetical they believe Donald Trump was to Christian values, so long as the left continues its claim that any Christian who voted for Trump need not comment on the public character flaws of other officeholders, I am resolved to hold a mirror to their face.

Who, after all, is on shakier ethical grounds:

  1. The Christian who pragmatically supported the candidate who never made his faith a centerpiece of his campaign but promised to be an ally to Christian public policy causes
  2. The Christian who supports a candidate who wears ash crosses on his forehead, proclaims himself a "devout" Christ-follower, all while saying things like this:

Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly affirm that those experiencing gender dysphoria and consider themselves transgender, bear the image of Almighty God. They are precious and unique creations, each bearing an eternal significance so great that Jesus Christ willfully suffered an agonizing death in order to reconcile them to the Father.

What is despicable about President Biden's statement is that he failed to finish the very verse he was quoting…

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27

By his administration's chosen policy to promote the social confusion, chemical castration, hormonal scarring, and surgical disfiguring of these male and female creations, President Biden is outwardly rejecting the very image God has given them. How can a Christian, progressive or otherwise, ever support something so diabolical?

What's worse, it seems that even those who deny not just the image, but the very existence of God, are coming to their ethical senses before these progressive Christians whose tribal allegiance to President Biden sadly outweighs their supposedly Spirit-guided conscience.

This thread is an internal indictment of the utter betrayal of these precious "transgender" souls being committed by progressives and Democrats in the name of politics. Click through to read the whole thing from this self-described atheist Democrat:

You can believe it was a mistake for any man or woman of faith to cast a vote for Donald Trump. But if you don't conclude similarly about Joe Biden after seeing the perverse evil that his administration is currently foisting upon our perilously fractured society, you aren't serious about much of anything, especially Christian ethics.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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