NY Times proves Trump was right about them being “the enemy of the people”

In February of 2017, the New York Times took great exception to then-President Donald Trump tweeting that American media outlets are "truly the enemy of the people." The Times indignantly blustered about this "striking escalation," and accused Trump of using, "the language of autocrats who seek to minimize dissent."

Six years later, in a tweet of their own, that same New York Times managed to prove their former nemesis correct.

This isn't just poor framing. This isn't unintentional mischaracterization. This isn't accidental distortion. This is laughable propaganda that should have every honest individual associated with the paper in any capacity heading for the doors barring some kind of retraction and apology. Note that it's not just the agenda-pushing that is offensive here.

The fact that something like this could be published speaks directly to the lack of respect the New York Times has for the intellect and integrity of their readership. They clearly believe that readers will be either too stupid to think through the audacious ignorance of their claim, or be willing to ignore the outlet's dishonesty in order to further their shared objectives in the culture war.

Just pause and consider what believing the Times' premise would require. If this battle over transgender ideology was truly the work of conservatives desperate to find an issue to fundraise on, that would mean that up until just a few years ago, everyone on earth accepted the idea that there was no distinction between male and female, that gender was wholly separate from biological sex, and that there is simply a sliding scale of sexuality that an individual can move freely along their entire life.

Then, into this settled reality, came conservative social warriors who decided to upend what we all understood. These dastardly conservatives advanced a new and preposterous notion that there exists a male/female gender binary between which all human beings can be properly and scientifically distinguished. Suddenly, a culture that had always accepted and embraced boys in girls' restrooms, men competing in women's sporting competitions, and the presence of pronoun terms like zie and xyr, was thrown into chaos, warring over their divisive agenda.

No one – not even the most hard-hearted, stubborn, dogged trans activist – believes such a thing. Yet here is the Times, confidently tossing their credibility onto a funeral pyre, trusting that their ideological brethren on the progressive left won't hold them accountable for their dishonesties.

What can be said of such an institution? What can be said of the integrity of those who would assert that conservative politicians are the ones stoking the trans wars all while this is happening in broad daylight around the country:

To make sure you don't miss that, the Democrats in the west coast state of Washington have passed a bill that would allow the government to take children away from their parents if the parents forbid those children from mutilating their bodies and undergoing irreversible gender surgeries. If a child says she wants to do this to herself:

…and her loving parent says no, the government can now forcibly remove the child from the home and facilitate the permanently scarring surgery.

But the Times would have us all believe it's conservatives and the political right that is waging war on, and attempting to upend society.

Wicked liars like that are indeed the enemy of any sane people.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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