If you're an American taxpayer, congratulations. You just bought Hamas dinner.

Just a few months ago, the Biden administration announced its latest low-IQ foreign policy plan: Build a "temporary pier" in Gaza to enable a "massive increase" in humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians.

Well, after hundreds of millions of dollars in American taxpayer funds were spent building a port in Gaza, in the least shocking news of all time, Hamas has stolen all of that aid.

Here is Politico's Lara Seligman:

And the chaser:

First off, I told you so. Here's my response in the Washington Examiner when Joe Biden announced this absurd plan in March:

First off, building any infrastructure for a region controlled entirely by Hamas (the enemy of a key American ally and the group responsible for the death of at least 32 Americans on Oct. 7, with at least six American hostages remaining) will only benefit Hamas.

Without a doubt, there are countless Palestinians suffering as a direct result of Hamas and its actions on Oct. 7. But we cannot ignore that providing aid to Gaza does not guarantee that any Palestinian civilians will receive this aid.

What will stop Hamas terrorists from doing what they have done with every resource available to Gaza and taking it for themselves? What will stop them from leveraging this new port of entry to smuggle in weapons to further their war on Jews?

Look, I'm not saying I'm a foreign policy genius ... but this conclusion was also obvious to anyone with any understanding of Hamas, Palestinian terrorist groups, or the Middle East.

Apparently, that doesn't include our supposed journalistic intellectual elite. Here's one particular highlight:

What indeed, Chris.

It's so hard to imagine that Hamas — a terrorist group openly seeking the destruction of a sovereign nation and the mass murder of all its Jewish citizens who are responsible for the deadliest day for Jews since World War II after unleashing waves of murder, rape, torture, mutilation, burning alive and kidnapping on October 7 — would resort to something as dastardly as ... stealing food.

Enjoy knowing your tax dollars went to terrorists. Again.

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