What the Heck: Pedos, Rex Chapman, and Satan’s increasing popularity

While I think it is wildly inappropriate, untrue, and counterproductive to a legitimately necessary cause to label all public schools grooming facilities (they absolutely are not), I also think it is beyond ludicrous to pretend there isn't a concerted effort being made by progressive revolutionaries to turn many systems into a worldview training center for the sole purpose of advancing left-wing gender ideology.

That doesn't mean that every teacher is a conscious participant in the nonsense – hanging rainbow flags, asking pronoun preference, and assigning unsuitable materials to minors. It does mean that there are far too many real-life examples of radical gender theory being woven into curriculum and content in public schools to pretend it's not happening.

This week, for instance, I saw the latest:

This is for 10-year-olds? Why? Well, you don't have to dig too far to answer that question. The author of the curriculum is Susan Telljohann, a long-time LGBT activist who has been pushing this explicitly sexual content on schools for three decades.

"But it doesn't promote or condone pedophilia, so it's not appropriate to call it groomer content," many would say. Perhaps, but I can't be the only one to see what advocating that 2-year-olds are savvy and self-aware enough to determine their gender, perhaps even consenting to radical, manipulative surgeries leads to. Right? If toddlers have the wherewithal and autonomy to consent to something like that, why isn't it reasonable to believe they could consent to sex?

The implications are as obvious as they are gross.

Also this week, disgraced former basketball player and CNN contributor Rex Chapman decided to show off his political witlessness:

Funny, I don't remember Rex's hand-wringing over, say, Joe Biden's entry into the 2008 presidential primaries – a move that earned him the unlikely selection as Barack Obama's running mate, and as a further unfortunate consequence for America, his eventual election as president of the United States.

While I believe Nikki Haley would be a most capable president, probably even a great one, I would agree she isn't well positioned for a run this year. But she's young comparatively speaking. So for her long-term political aspirations, it's likely a great move.

If Chapman can't grasp that, he's a political dunce. If he can, what does he have against a minority woman running for the office?

Finally, in what seems like something that should be slightly bigger news than what it is, a late 2022 survey of Republican and Democrat voters' perceptions of various religious faiths conducted by YouGov, revealed that Democrats hold more favorable views of witches than they do Orthodox Jews.

There's plenty of eyebrow-raising material on here, to be sure. The way they reveal these numbers can be a little confusing – percentage that find the faith "favorable or somewhat favorable" minus the percentage of those that find it "unfavorable." But if I've done my math right, this graph would indicate that 15% of Republicans hold "favorable" or "somewhat favorable" views of Satanism. Um, what? And that number balloons to 34% of Democrats.

That's nuts. While Satanism is the lowest ranked of the world's faiths among Republicans, Democrats have a greater disdain for Scientology and fundamentalist Mormons. Which means, if I'm not mistaken, that Democrats would rather sit down for dinner with the Prince of Darkness himself than Warren Jeffs or Tom Cruise.

Something seems off there, right?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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