Why have Democrats allowed their party to become willfully anti-science?

I guess you could classify this in the category of "big if true." The left-wing watchdog site "Right-Wing Watch" recently posted hilarious video of what appeared to be some kind of seminar or conference being hosted in Texas by activist and doctor Steven Hotze. You need to see this to believe it:

Mind control through vaccines and 5G? I mean, I honestly don't know how a serious person can put together a graphic like this without noticing how absurd it all looks and sounds:

You can hardly blame anyone on the Left when they point and laugh at this type of anti-intellectual, loony conspiracy-mongering with quips like this:

There's nothing remotely scientific or grounded about these kinds of comments, and anyone who promotes this kind of public dialogue deserves the label of "anti-science."

Of course, the same can be said for this equally absurd, anti-intellectual, loony conspiracy-mongering:

To be clear, John Hopkins Medicine affirms embryonic heartbeat at six weeks. Dr. Keith Moore's scholarly text "The Developing Human" actually diagrams the muscular contractions conducted by the embryonic heart to unidirectionally pump blood through the body. And there's much more conclusive "science" on the subject here (click and read the full thread):

What does all this mean? It means there's not much difference between "the left-wing government is using COVID shots to control your mind" and "the right-wing ultrasound manufacturers are using artificial sounds to control your body." There is a big difference, however, in the way the two anti-science perspectives are treated in media.

If you are ever tempted to believe that mainstream media largely seeks a balance in their approach to our political extremes, consider this thought experiment: why do journalists and media professionals giddily shove microphones in the face of every elected Republican and ask them if they believe the government is controlling minds through 5G, but they do not ask every elected Democrat if they believe some conservative cabal is manufacturing sounds to emanate from the wombs of pregnant people in order to control women?

But it's worse than that.

Until I saw the video from Right-Wing Watch, I had never heard of Steven Hotze, and I'm guessing I'm far from alone. If you polled politically active Republicans around the country, Hotze would likely have a less than 1% name identification rate. A little research shows him to be a 72-year-old super donor in Texas Republican Party politics who uses his money to buy influence and attention. His most significant moment of notoriety appears to be a failed election fraud investigation he attempted to lead in 2020.

Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams is anything but an obscure figure in Democrat Party politics. After spending the last four years alleging voter fraud herself, she is running for Governor in Georgia, boasting a national profile. Abrams was widely considered a leading candidate to receive the Democrat Party's vice-presidential nomination before President Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. She has graced the covers of Newsweek, Time, Marie Claire, and Atlanta magazines, and has received glowing profiles in all of the country's major newspapers.

You won't catch me suggesting that a cautious eye shouldn't be directed towards any mainstream Republican embrace of Hotze and his mind-control conspiracies. It's crazy, dangerous anti-science.

But given that mainstream Democrat politics openly embraces and promotes Abrams, perhaps it's time that party be forced to either renounce and reject her kooky ultrasound mystery noise conspiracy, or be tagged and tarred as the anti-science movement they have chosen to become.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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