“Netflix turned Jarl Haakon, the last pagan ruler of Norway, into a black woman in its new Vikings show” 🤡
· Mar 7, 2022 · NottheBee.com

How bad is our woke obsession with intersectionality that ensures there's an exact ratio of skin colors, sexes, and sexual lifestyles in every single show or film?

This bad:

Can we admit that the woke cult has gone just a wee bit over the rails yet?

We're inserting rainbow-unicorn "tolerance" and "diversity" into a show about bloodthirsty medieval raiders who lived on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

From Bounding Into Comics:

Introduced in the series' premiere episode and portrayed by Danish pop-jazz singer Caroline Henderson, Jarl Haakon is depicted as the benevolent and wise ruler of the Kattegat region in Denmark, itself shown as an open haven for people of various faiths and ethnicities during a time of conflict based on these attributes.

Aww, look at that: A woke black woman ruling over a viking kingdom full of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the 900s!!!

Before we talk about the actual Jarl Haakon, the internet had thoughts:

One more thought from me:

They made this casting choice because they wanted to portray a black woman in a strong, historic role (YAAAS, SLAY QUEEN!!!).

But choosing Jarl Haakon is an odd choice. He was a staunch believer in the old gods of Norway and the savagery they represented, and he was a violent man, not some peace-loving utopian who cared about iNcLuSiOn. He fought against the Holy Roman Empire, broke faith with the first Christian king of Denmark, and expelled the Christian missionaries that the king of Denmark had sent him.

Haakon ordering Christian missionaries to leave

The vikings were good at burning and raping, but not building civilization. That accomplishment goes to the justice, love of neighbor, and hope for eternity that was instilled by Christianity as it spread across Europe. This Vikings show (like the previous one) wants to present the inverse of this historic truth, portraying the savagery of the old gods as somehow pure and peaceful as a way to live out the woke struggle against cishetero white colonialism or some stupid thing like that.

Oh, by the way, Jarl Haakon was killed (spoiler alert) by his slave while he was hiding in a pig sty after literally everyone turned on his murderous behind.

So to sum up: Netflix cast a black woman in the role of a barbaric king who murdered, pillaged, and owned many, MANY slaves, then died as a coward hiding among pigs.


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