1 million people exited the United Methodist Church in a single day and I can't imagine why
· Jun 3, 2024 · NottheBee.com

"Progressive" Christianity is progressing towards total irrelevance.




The UMC has been destroying its numbers by embracing LGBTQ+ "affirming" politics designed for "inclusion." But it turns out that most gay folks don't want to go to church.

Conservatives, who they have purposefully and actively alienated, do want to go to church.

Just not the United Methodist Church.

United Methodism's largest overseas jurisdiction has voted to quit the denomination in response to the church's divorcing sex from marriage at its governing General Conference earlier this month.


The United Methodist Church in the Ivory Coast voted on May 28 to exit the denomination. In 2022, this conference reportedly had over 1.2 million members. So, its departure means over one tenth of United Methodism has in one day left the denomination.

An entire African nation has left the UMC because they couldn't hold off the liberals. They put up with a lot, and I mean a lot, but divorcing sex from marriage was a bridge too far.

The Ivorian United Methodists said United Methodism 'deviates from the Holy Scriptures' and prefers 'to sacrifice its honor and integrity to honor the LGBTQ community.'

La Croix International quoted Bishop Benjamin Boni saying 'the United Methodist Church now rests on socio-cultural values that have consumed its doctrinal and disciplinary integrity.'

You can read the entire declaration from the Ivory Coast Methodists here.

American "progressive Christians" are pushing their Western sexual values on African churches (you know, colonization) and have alienated an entire continent of Christians.

1.2 million in a single day, gone. 10% of the church, gone. Just like that.

Methodism in Africa, which outnumbers Methodists in the US for the time being, is thriving. But now it will have to thrive away from the United Methodist Church and take the form of either independent Methodism or join the conservative Global Methodist denomination.

In their efforts to be inclusive, the UMC has driven away now more than 20% of its members in the last few years.

Like I said, "progress."

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