10 career criminals have been arrested 485 combined times since NY started its catch-and-release bail reform.
· Aug 8, 2022 · NottheBee.com

New York's bail reform laws went into effect in 2020, and the law currently eliminates bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, meaning that most criminals arrested for these crimes are freed without restrictions, usually within a few hours of their arrest.

Not surprisingly, this has led to wild rates of recidivism, as criminals play the justice system and rack up arrest over arrest. According to the NYPD, some of the worst statistics involve 10 criminals who together have racked up 485 arrests.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has expressed outrage and demanded repealing the bail reform law.

Eric Adams

"It is dangerous, it is harmful and it's destroying the fabric of our city."

Adams added: "Time and time again, our police officers make an arrest, and then the person who is arrested for assault, felonious assaults, robberies and gun possessions, they're finding themselves back on the street within days – if not hours — after the arrest."

And then they go out and commit more crimes within weeks or days.

While Adams and the NYPD refrained from naming all the criminals, they did name a particularly noteworthy fellow: Harold Gooding. Gooding has racked up 101 arrests. Most of those arrests have been in Manhattan under DA Alvin Bragg's soft-on-crime justice system. And you'll never guessed who funded his campaign.

Dun! Dun! Dun!

George Soros

George Soros said that he backs prosecutors like Bragg because his agenda is "popular and "effective." He went on to say,

"This agenda includes prioritizing the resources of the criminal-justice system to protect people against violent crime. It urges that we treat drug addiction as a disease, not a crime. And it seeks to end the criminalization of poverty and mental illness."

Woke translation-If you own stuff, then you are rich and have too much. Criminals who are poorer should be able to take it from you without any repercussions.

New Yorker holding sign.

Polls show that 92% of New Yorkers view crime as a serious problem, but unlike the recall that removed San Francisco's Soros DA, Chesa Boudin, New York DAs can only be removed by the governor.

Of course, Governor Hochul and the state legislators disagree with Mayor Adams's assessment of how bail reform is going. They blame judges for releasing defendants rather than the DAs for not prosecuting.

"What we gave judges was the ability to consider the severity of the offense … in weighing whether or not this person should be out in the street or not," Hochul said during a news conference in Manhattan.

They also point to slightly lower arrest rates compared to last year as a successful marker of the program, but I wonder how much of that is police feeling like they are wasting their time arresting these revolving criminals.

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