1/3 of NJ small businesses have shuttered, yet the governor is still considering another lockdown
ยท Nov 30, 2020 ยท NottheBee.com

As Covid cases continue to spike around the country, it's hitting New Jersey particularly hard. And according to a new report, nearly one-third of all small businesses in New Jersey have closed for good.

ONE THIRD. That's like end-times percentages, people!

Nevertheless, Governor Phil Murphy is still saying another lockdown remains "on the table."

A report in The Star-Ledger newspaper compared statistics from sources like the Harvard-based TrackTheRecovery.org project and The New Jersey Business & Industry Association, and they found that about 31% of New Jersey small businesses have shuttered permanently since the pandemic began. And they expect the trend to continue unless something changes.

Despite the bleak numbers, Governor Phil Murphy told Fox News anchor Bret Baier that with rising case numbers another shutdown "has to stay on the table." Murphy continued, saying,

You hate like heck to even consider that, and God willing we won't have to.

But what great act of providence could stop the democrat governor from locking down the economy?

Dem federal dollars. That's what.

Like many states, Murphy shut it all down when the pandemic first began in March, eventually lifting statewide restrictions on June 9. But new restrictions have emerged, including shutting down restaurants at 10 p.m. and forbidding indoor seating at bars. But just so you know... he might just have to shut everything down again.

Unless of course...

"I'll tell you what would really make a difference here, a big federal stimulus sooner than later with a lifeline to small businesses, restaurants, folks who are unemployed. That would be a game-changer.

Like we've said before, shutting down the economy is a choice. It's not an inevitability.

And lockdowns have been shown time and again to be ineffective at lowering the death rate of Covid according to, you know, science!

But do you know what the threat of a statewide shutdown and the permanent destruction of your business is good for?

A bargaining chip.

Here's Gov. Murphy dropping mad hints:

"I don't anticipate it and I sure as heck don't want to go that route. But boy federal stimulus would give us a lot more ammunition to do a lot more things right now."

Aww shucks, mister! I'm sure as shoot a coupla shillings of federal money would mean I don't have to murder the livelihood of all these great people over here!

Since the beginning of this thing, many state governors of a certain political persuasion have coyly used threats of economic shutdown as leverage to try and secure federal funds.

Sure some of that money goes to individuals and small businesses, but what politicians are really interested in is all that extra pork that comes along with a multi-trillion dollar stimulus. When you write checks that big, millions and even billions can end up nearly anywhere.

In my experience, people don't like being used as pawns. I just hope the citizens of states like New Jersey are taking note and have long memories.

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