LOL: An Italian Singer Wrote a Song in the 70's that's Supposed to Sound like American English and it is AMAZING

Nov 30th

Over the weekend I was scrolling through Twitter and I came upon the most amazing and hilarious video I've ever seen.

In the 1970s an Italian Singer named Adriana Celentano wanted to make a point, and his point was that in Italy you could sell any song as long as it sounded like it was an American song. Celentano proceeded to make up a song that was completely gibberish except for the words "all right", he released the song and it was a hit.

You can also watch the full video from this television appearance:

And another video here:

I may or may not have spent a majority of the weekend obsessing over this song. It's such a hilarious gimmick and so successfully pulled off. It sounds like a normal 70s song, but you just can't understand any of the words.

And the video, the first one, really captures the style so well. The choreography is just so well done for a song that is ostensibly nonsense.

The very idea that I would link you to a clip from Family Guy is insulting to everyone involved, but it's a little like the inverse of this famous clip of Peter speaking Italian.

However, when it comes to imitating Italian, it's hard to argue anyone does better than Brad Pitt in a certain Quentin Tarantino film.

I should warn you, you'd better be careful listening to this song. Even without real words, it is very much possible for it to get stuck in your head.

And that could make for a very long week.

All right.


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