Report: 20 different MLB teams are raising money for groups that do "sex change" surgeries on KIDS
· Aug 31, 2022 ·

Welp, it looks like Major League Baseball is completely aboard the woke train.

Or, at least 20 of their franchises are all-in on the trans-the-kids movement.

A National Review investigation revealed that 20 MLB baseball teams give thousands of dollars to organizations that provide "gender-affirming" mutilation surgeries to children.

Here's some of Nate Hochman's report in NR:

In May, I reported that the Detroit Tigers' Pride Night, which took place during a June 1 game against the Minnesota Twins, was funneling money to groups that were actively promoting transgender identification — even medical transitions — for children. At the checkout page for tickets to the Pride Night game, the Tigers website offered "a chance to support a local Pride organization of your choice," with a drop-down menu that included LGBT-focused clinics such as the Ruth Ellis Center and Corktown Health, both of which perform medical gender transitions on minors. On top of masculinizing and feminizing drugs, at least one — the Ruth Ellis Center — included irreversible "gender affirming surgery" in its suite of "transition care for transgender youth" options. Another charity promoted by the Tigers, the Trans Sistas of Color Project, was actively funding groups such as "Trans Minors Rights," which "advocates for empowering transgender youth to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers" — i.e., "without requiring the consent of a parent." (The group's tagline: "Unblock blockers.")

But the Tigers Pride Night was only the tip of the iceberg. The MLB has a Pride Resource Guide that promotes numerous "social justice groups" that advocate youth gender transitions. And according to National Review's analysis, of the 29 teams that held a "Pride Night" event this summer (Outsports reports that every team did except for the Texas Rangers), at least 20 have promoted or funded groups that advocate or are directly involved in child gender transitions. At least six of those teams promoted or funded organizations that lobby against restrictions on youth sex-change surgeries and for policies such as "gender-affirming" curricula for elementary-school children and "trans-inclusive" K – 12 sports. Five other team Pride Nights promoted or funded groups that provide resources for, and often actively encourage, youth sex changes. Four promoted or funded groups that write referrals for or partner with clinics that perform medical gender transitions — either via hormone-altering drugs, sex-change surgeries, or both — on minors. And finally, five teams have promoted or funded clinics that do drug-induced or surgical youth gender transitions themselves.

29 MLB teams, all but one, hosted a "Pride Night" this year for their baseball games.

20 used the event to raise funds for the child mutilators.

This is America's pastime! Not some woke new sport.

And the entire league, except the Rangers perhaps, is sold out to the sexual revolution, promoting anti-family values, and many are supporting chemically and surgically harming children.

Most of the teams partner with groups that encourage gender transition in children and counsel them in that direction, but 5 teams give directly to groups that perform gender surgery on minors:

  • Detroit Tigers
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Cleveland Guardians

Sure, the Guardians are helping to castrate boys and cut the breasts off girls, but at least they aren't called the "Indians" anymore. 😑

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