8-Year-Old Wins 2020 USA Mullet Championship Kids Award, and His Mane is Glorious

Nov 11th

It may have been a rough week for some, but rest assured, the spirit of America lives on as long as the mullet lives on. And I am glad to report, we look to have a very bright future as evidenced by what sits atop 8-year old Jaxson Crossland's head and shoulders.

Jaxson took home the first-place prize in the Kids Mullet Championships, receiving a check for $500. A worthy reward for such a majestic mane.

As a bonus, unlike many, older, individuals who sport this image, I'm pretty sure that Jax can expect his missing teeth to grow back.

Believe me, even though Jax came away with first place that does not mean there wasn't a fierce competition. Check out some of these awesome honorable mentions.

This style is called the Covid Campershell. It's a very epic mullet, but perhaps a little too styled to win this competition. Part of what makes a great mullet is the carefree attitude it implies. Barrett may have a little too much business in the front for the amount of party in the back. But still epic, no doubt.

Kameron here is rocking the "Modern Mullet" and he really knows the importance of framing. The large sunglasses, serious look, and posing in front of the American flag accentuates the freedom and patriotism of wearing a mullet. This young dude was certainly a strong contender.

You can check out the full gallery of the top 10 at the Mullet Championship website. And yes, before you ask, there is definitely a way to enter you and/or your child in the contest.

Let those locks flow free.


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