This 56-year-old grandmother is carrying her son’s baby after his wife had a hysterectomy.
· Sep 26, 2022 ·

When Cambria Hauck had to have an emergency hysterectomy, she and her husband Jeff worried that they wouldn't be able to have more children. The couple has four kids already, but they wanted more.

Surrogacy was their only option to have more children of their own.

Jeff's mother Nancy Hauck, 56, offered to help. The couple's last embryo was implanted via in-vitro-fertilization, and now grandma is pregnant with her own granddaughter.

"Bringing another strong baby girl to our family, it's just really special," she said.

So far, the pregnancy is going well.

"I am feeling great, surprisingly, and just like I did when I was younger and expecting," Nancy Hauck said.

Her son and daughter-in-law are grateful for Nancy's selflessness in carrying their child.

"It's been so incredible to be part of this experience with her. I am eternally grateful," Cambria Hauck said.

They've already decided to name the girl Hannah.

"Hannah means favor or grace which sums up the whole experience perfectly in every definition of the words! Nancy is doing this eternal ‘favor' for our family. The way it all came to be has been through the grace of God," Cambria Hauck said.

While giving birth to your own-granddaughter through in-vitro-fertilization is certainly a new twist, older women have been having babies fairly regularly thanks to the procedure.

In fact, Nancy Hauck is pretty young to be having babies with IVF. A 74-year old woman currently holds the record for the world's oldest new mom. Erramatti Mangayamma had twins in India in 2019. She gave birth to twins. Before that the record was 72.

It turns out that while a woman's eggs may deteriorate with age, her uterus is perfectly capable of growing and sustaining a healthy baby. Of course, doctors monitor older mothers very carefully for complications, but still, they're clearly capable of having children in their later years.

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