Slippery Slope: Here's Spain's Minister of Equality saying "childrenx" should be able to have sex with adults
· Sep 26, 2022 ·

Not a joke:

Remember how we were all demonized for warning about this 10 years ago?

Why do you think they're sexualizing kids at every turn?

It's not hard to figure out...

The Ministry of Equality in Spain is talking about children having sexual relationships with adults under the guise of "sex-ed."

Here are more details from El American, a Spanish publication.

Last Wednesday, September 21, the Minister of "Equality" — what an Orwellian name — of the Spanish socialist government went to the Congressional Commission with the same name "equality" to take a position in favor of… "the rights of children to have sex" (pederasty). Yes, according to Irene Montero, the mother of the children of the communist Pablo Iglesias, kids have the right to have sex with whomever they want.

But, you know, EQUALITY above all.

It is absurd and even irrational to have to provide arguments as to why the position held by the Spanish minister is completely aberrant, but here we go… again. A boy, girl, or "niñe" as she calls them [Spanish version of "childrenx"], thanks to her progressive inclusiveness, cannot even decide what they can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Still, according to this woman, they can give their "consent" for a 40-year-old man to penetrate them. Not even in the most twisted head could such an argument make any sense. Actually, yes, in the sadistic brains of these leftist activists who have taken over the world, it makes a lot of sense that a five-year-old child gives her "consent" to have sex with an adult, which makes it even more aberrant and should put us all on alert about the path taken.

This is the Spanish government ... you better believe the US and the rest of the Western world isn't far behind.

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