Armed FBI agents raided a pro-life leader's home for allegedly pushing someone, but they haven't done anything about dozens of firebombed pregnancy centers. Huh.
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Here's the DOJ and the FBI when a guy kills a teen for being a Republican or when dozens of pro-life ministries are literally firebombed and graffitied with death threats:

And here's the FBI when they see that a pro-life leader may have shoved someone to the ground in a case that was already dismissed by a court:

Between 25-30 FBI raided the home of Mark Houck at gunpoint in front of his wife and 7 scared children last week over the claim that he had pushed a pro-abortion advocate to the ground โ€“ an allegation that was thrown out by a lower court.

According to Houck, during the incident he was protecting his child who was being sworn at and harassed by the pro-abortion activist.

LifeNews has the story:

In September 2021, Houck was involved in an incident outside a Philadelphia abortion business where a pro-abortion clinic escort had repeatedly bullied and intimidated his 12-year-old son who was with him to help sidewalk counsel and encourage women to choose pro-life alternatives. After multiple verbal assaults and the abortion activist getting into his son's face, Houck pushed him away and he fell.

According to a new CNA report, the incident was so minor that charges were never pressed and a court ultimately dismissed a complaint the abortion activist filed.

By the way, scores of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have been firebombed and vandalized, and as far as I'm aware the FBI has done NOTHING to prosecute the pro-abortion terrorists responsible for it.

(That linked story is only through mid-June, by the way โ€“ many more have been attacked since.)

Here was another attacked just last week:

But anyways, this dad of 7 who a court has confirmed was just protecting his son is taken at gunpoint by Biden's FBI.

From National Review:

Mark Houck pleaded with the FBI agents before opening the door, telling them "please, I'm going to open the door, but, please, my children are in the home. I have seven babies in the house."

The agents continued to yell, and when the door was opened, they pointed their guns at the Houcks while instructing the children to go upstairs, according to Ryan-Marie. "The kids were all just screaming. It was all just very scary and traumatic," she said.

The FBI agents proceeded to put Houck into a vehicle and when his wife asked if they had a warrant, she said that they replied that "they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not."

After she accused them of kidnapping her husband, they presented her with the first page of the warrant, she said, which showed he was charged with violations of the FACE Act, due to an alleged "ATTACK OF A PATIENT ESCORT."

The FBI arrested Mark in this Gestapo manner because of a charge that has already been dismissed.

This is nothing more than the FBI using a secret police intimidation tactic in order to threaten pro-lifers.

You can blow up crisis pregnancy center and the DOJ will release a statement condemning "both sides." But if you aren't in line with the Party, the "Justice" Department will use the FBI will to swarm your house, point guns at your kids, and arrest you like a dangerous terrorist.

Remind me again, what are we keeping the FBI around for?

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