A bear broke into a bakery and ate 60 cupcakes along with some coconut cake after it scared off the employees
· May 26, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Employees at a bakery in Connecticut got the scare of their lives when opening up shop Wednesday morning.

The employees went to load cupcakes into a delivery vehicle in a garage behind the shop but the bear was waiting for them. The ursine thief then gave a "bluff charge" meant to scare off people and animals and scared off said employees.

With the silly humans gone, the bear began to chomp down on the abandoned cupcakes left inside the vehicle.

No doubt realizing the danger to their beloved cupcakes, the employees came in the store and began banging pans and yelling to scare the bear off in any way they could.

They called the police, but by the time the coppers got there, the bear had already left with SIXTY cupcakes in his belly.

Here's local coverage including an interview with the bakery employees.

If there's anything we know about bears, now that he knows where to find some sweet treats, you can bet he's coming back.

And next time, he may be bringing his friends.


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