Target's stock just fell to a THREE-YEAR LOW as people boycott the retail giant over Pride products for kids. There's even a rap song about it now. ๐Ÿ’€
ยท May 26, 2023 ยท

Alright, I'm calling it.

Target is about to get completely Bud Light-ed.

After yesterday's news that Target lost $9 billion in market value, today's stock numbers show that Target has dropped to the lowest point in three years, since the Covid lockdowns and the George Floyd summer of love.

Target's stock price reached its lowest point in nearly three years Friday, dipping down to $137.39 USD before rebounding slightly...

According to Yahoo Finance, $TGT fell to $137.39 at 9:52 am Wednesday, a price it hadn't hit since August 2020.

While the stock has rebounded in the hours since, it remains on a downward trend since backlash began.

Target stock is trading at a level that's the lowest since their recovery from the forced government lockdowns of Covid and the BLM riots.

Since that time they were on an upward trajectory. But when they started openly flaunting their "Pride" collection and pushing transitioning on kids, they crossed a major line.

There are even rap songs being made about Target's woke antics:

[I didn't hear any language but here's a warning anyway]

Man, you're in a bad place if people are out in your parking lot rapping about how horrible you are. The only company in a worse place is Bud Light, which was featured as a joke within the rap song!

By the way, Target may have claimed to make changes and actually done so in a few stores, but they still have the satanic kids' Pride collection in some of the stores.

It's not over folks, not by a long shot.

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