So I guess it's okay to put a black man out of business for believing the wrong thing now?
ยท Jun 27, 2022 ยท

For much of 2020 and 2021, amid the meteoric success of the Black Lives Matter movement, the economic mantra among woke activists was to support and invest heavily in black-owned businesses.

But that was then and this is now. These days the woke mob is far more egalitarian: They'll happily destroy your life and business if you express the wrong opinion, no matter what color your skin is.

Take, for instance, Ajay Brewer, a cafe owner in Richmond, Virginia, who this week had the temerity to express a favorable opinion about the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade:

That was too much for the woke mob, which simply cannot tolerate any sort of dissent on the matter of abortion. Local pro-abortion activists began flooding the Google review page of Brewer's Cafe with negative reviews, leading to celebratory social media threads hailing Mr. Brewer's imminent economic destruction:

Some telling remarks from the more enlightened, progress-minded residents of Richmond:

"Freedom of speech doesn't give you freedom from consequences. He's getting exactly what he deserves."

"He's 100% within his right to speak on the topic but there are consequences for your actions."

"Play stupid games win stupid prizes. We need more of words and actions having consequences."

"Just added another 1 star review to help out."

And some more screenshots of "reviews."

* * *

* * *

Fortunately, it seems Google has removed many of the fake reviews, since Brewer's Google review page currently sits at 4.3. His Facebook reviews still sit at 3.3.

Some folks also discovered that the business owner sells his wares at a local farmer's market, and they subsequently attempted to get him barred from that venue as well:

I messaged Grow RVA farmers market on IG to urge them not to offer him a table at their market because I know he does that one on the regular.

I just commented on their Facebook post this morning. I want it to be public so they can feel the pressure.

Do we know who runs that farmers market? Put the heat on them and they'll soon bar him from having a stall with them.

When you see the woke mob go from "buy from black businesses or you're a racist" to "destroy a black business owner's life because he holds an extremely common and 100% defensible political opinion":

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