Here's a great primer to help you cut through the noise this week ๐Ÿ‘Œ
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If you're looking for a one-stop shop to help with everyone screaming in your face about abortion, you've found it!

Here's a master thread that'll help dispel the lies.

MYTH: Xians aren't really pro-life, just pro-birth - they don't care about anybody after they're born! Besides starting almost every Pregnancy Center u'v ever seen, Xians adopt at more than 2x the national avg + are exponentially more generous to the poor than rest of population


MYTH: Men (anti-abortion bc they don't have uteruses) are forcing their will on women (who all want abortion access). Women are more likely than men to identify as pro-life, which leads to headlines like, "Why Are Women More Opposed to Abortion?"


MYTH: "My body, my choice!" Abortion advocates tries to define the unborn baby as part of the woman's body (similar to her toenails), but frankly, this is anti-science. A baby has its own distinct DNA, fingerprints, heartbeat, thoughts, emotions, and pain / pleasure sensations

Science confirms an unborn child is not part of another person's body, but its own distinct body



MYTH: Most abortions are about poverty, health complications, and rape! DATA: Florida is one of the only states that records a reason for every abortion. 75% of abortions are for "no reason/elective."


MYTH: Overturning Roe will result in a hellscape of women dying from medically complicated pregnancies like ectopic pregnancies! DATA: All states that have abortion restrictions allow for ANY procedure that saves the life of a mother


MYTH: This is racist white supremacy! DATA: not only does abortion kill more minority children than any other population segment, here are some quotes from Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood founder) who wanted to unleash abortion on minorities to weed out "inferior races"

DEMAND: "If they restrict abortion, they should make it illegal for men to desert women after getting them pregnant. If women can't back out of pregnancies, men shouldn't be able to either." RESPONSE: :)


MYTH: "A radical minority is imposing its will on the majority of America!" FACT: at least 71% of Americans want legal restrictions on abortion SOURCES: Pew, FiveThirtyEight, Marist


MYTH: "Banning abortion doesn't decrease it!"

1) This isn't a moral argument. If they'd said, "Outlawing slavery won't end slavery! It will just make it go back-alley!" that wouldn't have been a reason not to issue the Emancipation Proclamation

2) Everybody knows this isn't true

There are 2 reasons 47 of 50 nations in Europe draw a line after 15 weeks for abortions (most at 12 weeks):

1) It's inhumane to kill a baby that feels pain, sucks its thumb, and responds to Mom

2) They had no court (like ours with Roe v Wade) telling them they couldn't

There ya go! Go forth with facts and logic! โœŠ

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